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Social Media Tips for Photographers

As a photographer, social media has the potential to be your greatest marketing tool. Even more than word-of-mouth, social media can help your photography business reach new clients with little to no budget. One quality post with proper hashtags can reach customers who are already searching for photographers in your area. Posting regularly also creates a free online portfolio for others to see and sample your work. Before you start posting a bunch of random shoots on your feed, try these social media tips to ensure you’re getting the most from each post.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

One myth about social media is that you must post a lot to stay relevant. While frequency does play a part in growing your social following, quality and consistency are way more important. Major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have all recently changed their algorithm to show “relevant posts” more often in feeds. As a social platform, their ultimate goal is to keep users engaged on their app as long as possible. Therefore, posts that receive more interactions are shown more prominently than those who receive none. Creating quality content boosts potential for engagement as opposed to creating content for content’s sake.

Use Hashtags

All of the most popular social media platforms have integrated hashtags into their business model. Hashtags are used to identify posts that are relevant to certain keywords. Users can follow particular hashtags that interest them, making it easier to find posts they’ll enjoy. As a photographer, use trending hashtags related to the picture you’re posting so that potential followers can find you. For example, if you’re a New York wedding photographer, try using #newyorkphotographer, #nyphotographer, #nywedding, #newyorkwedding, #weddingphotographer, and other derivatives. This will help you reach those who are actively interested in New York wedding photography and increase your chances of finding new clients.

Watch Your Captions

When it comes to social media, your caption is just as important as the picture or video itself. Captions can be used to promote product and service offers, create a call to action, start a conversation, or simply inspire. Most times, you won’t need to use your caption area to describe the photo you’re posting. People can usually see what’s going on without explanation. Instead, use your caption or text to ask a question or as a call to action. For example, underneath an image of a beach you could ask “What’s your favorite vacation destination?”. This question creates a conversation in the comments where followers can join in and discuss. Ultimately, what you’re doing is increasing the engagement count for that post and the likelihood that it will get shown more often.