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Creating the Perfect Brand Message

Every new brand needs a clear and concise brand message. But what is a brand message exactly? A company’s brand message is a statement that describes who you are as a company to customers. For Nike, it is their “Just Do It” catchphrase, inviting those with bold ambitions to join their community. For 


Be Honest

When creating your brand message, it’s important to be open and honest. This means not making statements or promises about your company and its products or services that aren’t true. Instead of hyping up your customers and failing to deliver, focus on the benefits that your products or services can offer. For example, if your business prides itself in making sustainable products, position yourself as the environmentally friendly alternative to one of your competitors. 


Solve a Problem

Most of today’s mega brands came into power simply because they were the first to solve a particular problem. From Ford with making the car affordable to Apple with simplifying the user experience in personal technology, solving a common problem is the quickest way to build a strong brand. When creating your brand’s message, ask yourself what problem does your service or product solve. Once that is clear, incorporate your solution into the brand message.


Be Relatable

With so many competing brands in today’s market, it’s important to differentiate your company from the competition. Consumers naturally align themselves with brands that they can connect with and relate to. If your intention is to build a lasting brand with lifelong customers, you’ll want to find out what qualities your company has that appeals to the values of your target market. If your target market includes primarily teenagers, develop a brand message that exudes fun and youth. If you brand is targeting mothers, emphasize the importance of motherhood and family within your overall brand message.