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Using SEO to Boost Your Website Traffic

With all this talk of SEO today, it’s important that you know exactly what SEO is and how to leverage its power to work for your business. SEO refers to search engine optimization, which is the practice of optimizing web pages and content so that they are listed higher in relevant web searches. Every search engine has its own algorithm and methods to measure and determine which pages show up first in their list of results. While we may never know the exact formula to rank number one for “Los Angeles production studio”, we can optimize our online presence to compete with other top production studios in the area. 

SEO for Websites

A big part of SEO is how your website performs for its visitors. This includes things like page speed, mobile responsiveness, and even ADA compliance. It’s 2020 and today you have even less time to capture a new visitor’s attention before they move on to the next search result. With this in mind, search engines are giving websites that load fast, are mobile responsive, and accessible or all more dominance in their listings. One of the best things you can do for your site is work with a developer to increase page speed. While you’re at it, view your website from your mobile device to determine whether or not it is just as easy to navigate as your desktop version. 

SEO for Content

One of the factors that remains consistent on every search engine is the quality of content produced. Whether it’s a website, blog post, or YouTube video, search engines are looking for quality, relevant content to suggest to their visitors. Another factor is having new or recently updated content. You may notice that articles created on a certain topic this year are more likely to rank higher than older articles on similar topics. This is because search engines, especially Google, always want to show the most recent information first. If you can, try to go through your website at least once a month to update and add content. Updating your website regularly also let’s search engines know that your website is still active and thriving.